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 What happens once I’ve paid for Online Coaching?

Once I’ve received your payment, I’ll add you as a new client to the program using your name and email address. As part of this process I’ll register you with ProCoach (this is the software tool I use to deliver the Program). You’ll receive an email invitation from ProCoach.

Here’s a screenshot of the invitation:

Once you’ve received this email you’ll need to click the button to create/activate your account and you’ll set up a Password.
Note: Some clients have set up a unique email address for their Online Coaching Program with me so that they can find all of these emails in one place and they don’t get lost amongst their other email. Whilst this isn’t completely necessary it could be worth trying! If you do create a new email address, please let me know what it is so I can send your invitations to the correct address.

Nutrition Coaching:

Once you’ve set up your username and password you’ll be taken to a special client home page.

Here you’ll fill out a comprehensive intake / assessment form which includes information about your goals, your current nutrition habits and your health and lifestyle. All of this information is kept in the strictest of confidence.

Once you’ve completed the intake form, you’ll begin receiving your daily lessons, workouts, and habits, via email, on the following Monday. (Eg if you sign up on a Tuesday, you’ll have almost a week before you’ll receive your first lesson the following Monday.)

Simply click on the daily lesson to take you to the sign in page for the ProCoach Software, sign in and read your lesson and complete any observations requested.

For more detailed information, please see “What can I expect from the Nutrition Coaching?” and “What can I expect from the Fitness Coaching?

 Who are Precision Nutrition? What is ProCoach?

Precision Nutrition is the company I have trained with for my Level 1 PN Nutrition Coaching Qualification. ProCoach is the software they have made available to their coaches (me!) in order for us to deliver the curriculum to you. Precision Nutrition is also the company who have written the Curriculum you’ll be following during the program.

You’ll see the Precision Nutrition logo throughout the daily emails, lessons and habits. From time to time their founder, Dr. John Berardi, will appear in some of the lesson videos but don’t panic! I’m still your coach and I’ll be the one guiding you through your program, answering your questions and delivering your fitness coaching!