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 What can I expect from the Nutrition Coaching during the Online Program?

You’ll receive a “What’s on today” email reminder to log in to your personal home page.
You’ll get a lesson to read (generally 10-15 minutes).
You’ll get a habit to work on and a small task to do (Generally 10 minutes approximately but this will depend on your response – maybe you can answer immediately, maybe you’ll want to take some time to reflect before answering).

Every week:
You’ll measure and record your progress. (This can be body measurements or other indicators that you want to track such as energy levels or adherence to an exercise routine.)

Every 2 weeks:
You’ll get a new habit to try and practice (for example “Eat Slowly” and “Eat until 80% full”).

Every month:
You’ll upload a photo as part of your progress tracking (please note: uploading photos monthly is optional but I do ask for photos at the beginning and end of the program in order to help you see the changes you’ve achieved).
You’ll receive a separate email containing your new recipe ideas for the month. These will be a mix of Smoothies, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks/Treats. Click here for an example.
You’ll also receive exercise & activity guidelines for the month (See more information in “What can I expect from the Fitness Coaching in this Program?”)

 What happens if I cannot log in for a few days?

You’ll continue to receive daily emails and when you do have a chance to log in again, the lessons you have yet to complete will be held in “Your Archive” and “Today’s Lesson” will be the one displayed on your Home Page. By clicking on “Your Archive” a new window will open up and show you those lessons. Lessons shown in bold black text are the ones awaiting completion and those in grey are those you’ve already done. Simply click on a Lesson to complete it.
Please note: once you’ve completed a Lesson, you can click on it in the Archive to view it but you cannot edit it.

Here’s more about information about each element:

Your Today page:
Every day when you log in, you’ll get a couple of “cards”: one with the day’s lesson, and one with the day’s habit to do.

Your daily Lessons:
Lessons are like blog articles – short, informative pieces that ask questions, offer ideas, explain why we’re doing something, etc.

Each lesson ends with “What to do today”, clearly describing what the next steps are.

Your daily habits:
Habits are small daily tasks to do.
You’ll only be asked to do one habit at a time, although the idea is that every 2 weeks, we’ll simply add a new habit to the older ones, rather than abandoning the older ones altogether.


Most habits will offer different options so you can tailor them to suit YOU.
For example when working on the habit “Eating at least five servings of colourful fruits and vegetables.”
If you don’t currently eat vegetables regularly, why not keep it simple and just get in the habit of adding vegetables (or salad) to each meal? If you normally stick to peas and carrots with your Sunday roast, why not try adding broccoli, green beans or cauliflower? If you enjoy a Smoothie for breakfast, why not add a handful of spinach leaves? Trust me, once it’s blended you won’t even realise they’re there!
However if you’re already eating a wide variety, then use this habit to try new fruits or vegetables (ones you’ve never tried before) or experiment with cooking current favourites in new ways – sweet potato makes a great topping for fish pies!
Hopefully you can see from this example how the program can be adapted to become bespoke to you. Plus I’ll be on hand every step of the way to help you if you get stuck or need some ideas!