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What can I expect from the Fitness Coaching during the Online Program?

Every month you’ll receive a new exercise program to follow on your own. The exercises themselves will depend on a few factors which we’ll discuss together in more detail before you begin:

  • Your current activity and fitness level
  • Your current health and any injuries and/or medical condition considerations
  • Whether you’ll be exercising at home or in a gym
  • What equipment (if any) you have access to

How is the exercise program delivered to me?

The Exercise Program is included in the same software as you’ll receive your Nutrition Coaching, keeping it simple and “all under one roof”.

Your Workouts will show on your “Today” Page, which looks like this:

When you click on the Lilac Tile, you’ll see an overview of the Workouts for that month, plus a calendar you can print out and keep to hand:

This is also the place you’ll confirm whether you completed your workout or not:

Clients have found this a great way to keep motivated and to stay accountable, which in my experience are the most common reasons people often struggle to keep consistent with a new exercise plan. It also saves you time as the workouts are all planned for you so you don’t waste any time trying to decide what to do!

When you click on the Workout tile it will ask you which workout you’d like to do:

This means you can select an option which fits the amount of time you have (Full = approx 60 minutes, Quick = approx 30 minutes) as well as the location you prefer (at home or in the gym).

You’ll then scroll through the workout and see each exercise in more detail:

You can modify each exercise and choose a version which is easier… or more challenging!

In addition to the pictures you can see in the overview, you’ll also be able to click and see further information including a video demonstration, further written instructions and photos to help you ensure you’re performing the exercise correctly.

Once you’ve chosen your workout and made your exercise selections, you can also print your workout if you prefer a paper copy.

Remember, I’ll be here to help you with any questions you may have about any aspect of the workouts or individual exercises!