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I’m Debbie, wife, mum, grandma, sister, step sister, step daughter, friend, neighbour!

I work as a community assessor for a care case management company.

I’ve struggled with disordered eating most of my life and yoyo dieted most of my life. 2 years ago I managed to lose about 3 stone and was the fittest I had been for years. I went on an amazing holiday where I did lots of firsts like walking up a mountain and white water rafting. It felt so good. Then July last year I damaged my knee. A tear in my cruciate ligament, cartilage and further xrays showed arthritis. Weight went back on as I was unable to exercise and poor eating returned. The cycle of yoyo dieting beckoned.

In December I had an arthroscopy and debridement. This was a wake-up call as I hated the thought of me being immobile and not being able to get out walking again. I started looking at getting a personal trainer. I Googled and discovered Emma. She appealed to me because she was able to advise on exercises I could do whilst recuperating. I also liked her image. I didn’t want a boot camp personal trainer! I wanted normal! There was no pressure, no hard sell which I also liked. She made me feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease.

The Online Nutrition & Fitness Program was really secondary at the beginning. For me primarily it was to get mobile. Addressing eating gradually was introduced. At first it felt very slow and no sudden results. This felt weird for several weeks as previously I would lose half a stone in a couple of weeks. I frequently felt that I wasn’t doing very well. But this program works on your habits, one small element to work on, often for a couple of weeks before moving on to another. It is a lifestyle. I haven’t mastered my disordered eating totally but I am making much wiser choices, eating healthier, much fitter, better mindset, and I’m kinder to myself.

I have walked 14 miles in the Lake District and recently completed a 5k open water charity swim. I would never have done that, especially swimming in public!

I still have my moments when things aren’t going so well but the program, and Emma’s advice especially, reminds me it’s ok not be perfect. Just try 1% better and try to make a wiser choice. This simplicity has kept me on the program. I’ve lost over 2st this year but for me now, for the first time in my life I can say it isn’t about losing weight.

Emma has enabled me to think differently about myself. I now think my body is pretty amazing! … This program changes the way you think about yourself. It’s healthier, more manageable and sustainable. For life. Thank you Emma.


I work full-time in a stressful job and have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Over the last few years, the stress had started to manifest itself more and more through binge-eating. I was putting on a lot of weight, but, being an A-Grade couch potato, I was doing little to combat it.

I was really apprehensive about working with a personal trainer as I had thought they were rather shouty and beefed-up and intimidating! I decided to try working with Emma as she seemed “normal”, someone I could get on with, empathetic and not at all shouty, and I am so pleased I did because she has completely reversed my assumptions about personal trainers!

Emma is always encouraging, supportive and never intimidating, and she really knows her stuff! She encourages me to take it one step at a time, which makes my goals realistic and achievable.

I have learnt so much about nutrition and how the body works, and I know that every day I am making better decisions than I made before I met Emma, and this all helps me to feel healthier and better about myself.


I am 62, have four children aged between 27 and 31, a grandson aged nearly 2, and two more grandchildren due very soon. I have two very elderly parents, one of whom is particularly frail and disabled, and they take up a lot of my time and attention. I also run my own business from home. Not much time for myself you might think, and you’d be right!

Not long after I was 60, I began to have serious problems with my right knee, and I was incredibly unfit because my day job involves sitting down at the computer for long periods of time.  My doctor referred me to a surgeon to have my knee sorted out, but I really didn’t think I had time to fit in having a knee operation and although I saw the specialist I decided against going ahead with surgery and went to a physiotherapist instead. She did wonders with my knee, and then suggested my next move should be to find a personal trainer to help me build up my strength.

My daughter recommended Emma, and the rest is history! She helped me so much, with tailor-made exercise routines designed to protect my weak spots as I progressed. I am so much stronger that I was able to go for a month travelling around Canada earlier this year, walking several miles most days. No more painful knee! So I’m very relieved that I didn’t take the surgery option, and very grateful to Emma for all her encouragement and wise advice. Under her guidance I am also following the precision nutrition course, which is fantastically well put together.

I think that people in my situation – nearly retired but not quite – with children, grandchildren AND elderly parents, it’s very easy to neglect ourselves. I found I was totally incapable of motivating myself as I was putting all my energies towards the rest of the family. I am sure there are many women in this situation. If that’s you, I thoroughly recommend getting a sympathetic and experienced coach like Emma


I have three kids (17, 14 and 9) and run my own business with 3 team members so finding time to do anything is a challenge.

I have had various back issues over the last 15 years and more recently problems with my feet, so I have to wear insoles in my shoes, both of these are probably directly connected to my being overweight.  My reality check was a trip to Herstmonceux observatory with the kids, where I had to get on the floor to look into the telescope.  I really struggled to get up – the kids had to help me.  It made me realise how much I am missing being able to share experiences with the children and I made the decision that I needed to lose some weight and get fitter.

I’d worked with Emma in a gym environment before and she sent me some details of her new Online Program.  Her timing was perfect as I knew I needed to make a change but wasn’t sure where to start.   I was nervous about how it would work, I’d followed organised diet programmes before and whilst some success, it involved a lot of feeling hungry and deprived and once any weight was lost I went straight back to the old habits.

Emma’s Program has been brilliant for me.  I have lost almost 2 stone in 6 months but it hasn’t felt like a diet.  I have been able to eat what I want, when I want but it has made me focus on why I make certain choices, whether there are slightly better choices to be made and what the impact of certain foods has on me.   I am approaching every meal in a different way now, planning when I can or looking for best options when I am out and about. I have made simple changes like not feeling obliged to eat everything on my plate, picking healthier options at restaurants and swapping my afternoon snack from a 4 pack of mars bars (I am not joking!) to some nuts.

The daily recordings focus on a new habit for each fortnight, helping you learn about a particular aspect of your life, giving suggestions on changes you can make and experiments you can try to make improvements.  Nothing has been too difficult, there is a level for everyone.  As it is broken down into parts, it hasn’t been a temporary massive change but a gentle adaption to what I was doing, so it feels sustainable.  I even went on a two week holiday and enjoyed eating, yes I put a bit of weight on but nothing like what I would normally do and I used some of the “tricks” I had been taught to keep on track whilst enjoying myself. I’d lost that weight again in the next fortnight.

I’m technically half way through the programme but already achieved the weight loss I set myself as the target for the end of the programme so I am on track to exceed my own expectations significantly.

The obvious and easily measurable benefit is the weight loss and the sense of achievement when I fit into an outfit that I haven’t worn for a long time, but this is perhaps the least important change.  I have been able to get fitter, involving the children in my fitness activities and I am not scared of hurting myself any more.  I know my physical limits but have an urge to run up a flight of stairs when I see them, just because I know I can now.  I have taken up cricket again, a sport I did at Uni but considered unimaginable a year ago.  Meals for the whole family are much healthier and whilst the take away delivery man still visits from time to time, they certainly aren’t regularly visiting anymore.

I have been surprised that a square of good quality dark chocolate will satisfy pudding craving as well as a packet of biscuits used to and in fact milk chocolate tastes sickly and horrible now!

Finally the programme has made me think carefully about what is important in my life and I have found my work/life balance has improved, board games the kids have been introduced for quality family time, we have a Throwback Thursday dance session, with 80s dance routines on YouTube (One of Emma’s best ideas) and cooking with the kids at the weekend, so whilst they don’t realise it, the whole family have been on this journey with me too.

I love the combination of daily actions, interesting and informative recordings and videos with more personalised action plans from Emma and her reassuring words when I feel a bit low or have a wobble have kept me on track.

Emma’s support and the “small changes” plan that Precision Nutrition adopt mean that anyone can start to make the changes straight away.  If you have had the mind-set that you want to take a new path to get just a bit fitter and eat a bit better, then I would highly recommend talking to Emma to see how she can help.


I’d like to thank Emma for her work over the past couple of years. It’s been quite some time since I had regular 1 to 1 personal training however a lot of what we trained and learned are still working for me over a year later.

The best example is that I recently went on holiday for two weeks and only put on 2lbs. Previously this could have easily been 7 to 10 lbs.

I don’t follow a diet but I now follow simple guidelines for healthy eating. It still requires a small amount of effort but i don’t feel i’m missing out on anything, I simply ate to a normal portion size, still kept any snacks healthy but not all the time and increased my exercise. I think the weight gain was mostly from several mojitos 😉

Yes, I even ate Pizzas, Burgers and chips 🙂

I didn’t think it was possible to go on holiday for two weeks and eat and drink what I liked and only put on 2lbs.


The benefits of all you do Emma are enormous to me. There is no wrong or right and no expectations, which for someone like me it takes all the pressure off. I may be taking a while to get results because the same triggers that made me gain weight are still in my life, but hopefully for not too much longer.

1:1 PT gives me so much knowledge, which I can keep for life. It is worth every penny. If I was to compare it to a gym membership, for example, I’d just go to a gym, do my own thing time after time until it became monotonous then come home, taking nothing home with me. Plus if I hadn’t warmed up and cooled down (as taught properly by a PT) I’d have probably injured myself! With 1:1 PT and the Online Nutrition Coaching system, it is money well spent – a big investment in myself.

Everything is tailored to me. Some people’s impression of a personal trainer is to go out jogging and do boot camp etc. but it’s purely not the case. Everyone is treated individually. So some can jog and do a lot more exercise, and others go slower and are happy to repeat exercises until such time as they feel fit to move on a bit further (i.e. me).

On top of which everything learned with PT and the Nutrition Coaching is able to be accessed, re-read, printed off, and kept forever. Gym memberships don’t do that. And more importantly one learns about nutrition – invaluable information never forgotten. It blends so well with the PT training. It’s worth every penny. A hundred times over.

Emma’s note: Heather P follows “The FOOD+FITNESS Plan” and also has 1:1 sessions too

Heather P

I’ve always been sceptical of promises based on a monthly fee, the get rich, become a gym god/goddess, lose five stone, all in five weeks.

Precision Nutrition (PN) is not any of these. It is a genuinely life changing and challenging course. Challenging because it forces you to look at yourself, but not to judge or criticise yourself!

If like me you look, on the outside, like someone who has a good grip on life but inside in all honesty you know life has the upper hand and has done so for some time. PN for me has brought into sharp focus those things that must change, not because they told me to, but because I now recognise bad habits for what they are. It won’t solve all your problems but it will show you that you have more control over your life than you think.

As for getting fit you can do as much or as little exercise as you like, this is not only a fitness program. As for losing weight, that’s seen very much as a by-product of changing your mindset to food. I’ve changed my diet only a little in what I eat, but I have changed massively how much I eat and most importantly why I eat. In the last 6 months I’ve lost over 25lbs, I’ve not gone hungry or felt deprived or been judged for the things I’ve got wrong in the past or the things I’m still getting wrong! My outlook to the future is better, my stress lower and my clothes looser.

Emma’s Note:

The Precision Nutrition (PN) Peter refers to is the company I have completed my Nutrition Coaching qualification with and who provide the software I use to deliver the Plan to my clients.

Peter H

Emma makes the whole exercise thing fun and most importantly she gently encourages everyone to do that little bit extra. When I first started it was with a great deal of trepidation and nervousness; I had no need to worry as Emma takes the time to understand what your goals are and then works with you so that you start achieving.
I regularly recommend her to others 🙂

I have worked with Emma on my personal fitness and stamina for several months and really notice the improvements. My situation was not straight forward as it is difficult for me to exercise standing up! Emma has taken on board my particular limitations from my condition and worked on a programme that meets my needs with sensitivity and with huge results. My confidence to exercise has really grown and my stamina and fitness have improved. I have had great fun too! Emma really makes the sessions suit me and help me move on with my goals. She is professional and friendly. I really recommend her services, especially if doing exercise is a challenge.

Emma is the only person who has ever made exercise fun for me. She really listens and encourages – If you can’t stand exercise or don’t know where to begin, then I cannot recommend Emma highly enough.


In November 2013 I was at a very low point in my life. I was overweight, had hurt my back and had just been diagnosed with MS after years of problems. I was sitting about feeling sorry for myself and just got to the point where I was so fed I couldn’t function. My quality of life was going down the pan. I thought enough is enough I need to get off the sofa instead of feeling trapped I need to do something about it and I am the only one that can make that happen.

I applied for a job at the local college which I got and thought right now I need to sort out my health and fitness and take control of myself and stop allowing other things to dictate how I feel and what I eat. I then found Emma after searching for personal trainers in Bexhill. I was a bit worried as I did not want some gung-ho ex.army type shouting at me making me feel scared.

Now I was not sure what to expect but on meeting Emma I was instantly put at ease. She explained to me that we would be working together to achieve my fitness and weight loss goals and that we would work through any problems that the MS would throw at me. We started doing gentle exercises as I had a bad back. She recommended I see a physio and Emma spoke with the physio to ask what exercises I should be and not be doing. My back is now back to normal and feels great. As the weeks have progressed my fitness has improved and I have addressed my food issues with Emma. This is a slow burn to lose the ‘fat suit’ not a mad dash to the end of the journey. I have learnt a lot from Emma about the way the body burns fat and how it uses certain foods.

It is now a year later and I am nearly 3 stone lighter, lost inches everywhere and have loads of energy. I am not owned by food anymore, I have no cravings for junk! My taste buds have totally changed and now instead of being obsessed with what I can eat my choice of foods are now so much healthier because I want to feel good and my portion size has changed. I have a subscription to Healthy Food Guide magazine that is full of healthy menus and recipes which has been a great inspiration.

My whole outlook on the way I am has totally changed. I love doing the exercises that Emma sets for me and even add extra bits in! I have done Slimming World but the minute I reached my goals I thought great I can eat what I like again. My weight slowly crept up with the portion sizes.

Psychologically, with Emma we talk things through, work things out and a light bulb switches on. Emma is always full of great suggestion and I try them out and use what works for me. This is not a quick fix remedy this is sorting my life out for the better so I am better equipped to deal with the challenges of MS that maybe ahead of me! I am not that miserably unhappy person that was sitting on the sofa thinking is this it! If you want to change you have to make the effort and Emma has helped me in so many ways. She is wonderful, kind and calm and a fabulous listener.


I’m not really sure how to write this, as I’m still not 100% sure how this all started, but I think that I got fed up of being overweight, of constantly feeling tired and unwell & feeling like I was a good 30 years older than I actually was.

Christmas is the season of overeating, overdrinking and not moving about too much, so Christmas 2013 was my last season of greed. I made a decision to lose weight, starting January 2014.

I’m sure that at least 60% of the population makes this same promise at the same time of year. In a way, I was fairly convinced that I’d start a ‘diet’, lose a bit of weight, hate every second & quit it by April – followed by history repeating itself & piling on twice as many pounds as I’d have lost.

I can’t really explain how I’ve stuck to it, I guess it has been a combination of factors. It hasn’t been a struggle, it hasn’t been awful, I haven’t been constantly hungry, or been left with terrible cravings. I’ve made a lifestyle change. I eat better (not necessarily less) and I move more, it is that simple.

I knew at the start that I would need a bit of a kick start, I’m sure that it is easier to get things going when you have someone to hold your hand. I searched about for a personal trainer. I figured that I could use the money that I’d have probably spent on take-aways and wine, and put it to a much better use. I was looking for someone who would be friendly, supportive and helpful in my first few tentative steps to a new life. I stumbled across Emma’s website & knew that she’d be the right person.

Emma will carefully evaluate your specific circumstances, will look at your goals and will help you achieve them at a pace that is suitable for you. Perfect for me, I didn’t fancy being yelled at to “do more” or “go faster”, I think that sort of aggressive training can put you off in the first instance, it would have put me off!

I had a couple of PT bundles with Emma and, over the months that we worked together, I not only dropped weight, but gained fitness and confidence. I tried new exercises and we began some running training – leading to my first 5k Race for Life. Believe me, I would NEVER have even considered a race for life before I met Emma!

Working with Emma gave me the belief that I could continue, it gave me the confidence to do things alone. I think that it is important to remember that, whilst Emma will help you in any way that you may need & will support you in your decisions, that ultimately, it is up to you to reach your goals. You’ve gotta keep moving alongside your PT sessions too!

After I had built up enough fitness and stamina, with Emma’s help, I felt it was time for me to fly it alone. The work that Emma and I had done had made me feel able to approach new ways to exercise. I now regularly attend a gym and classes, I also still jog and now have quite a few race medals on my pin board.

In one year, I have lost over 5 stone and gone from a size 20 to a size 10. I’m much fitter than I think I ever have been & it is a new way of life for me.

If you are even slightly considering starting a new life in 2015, but perhaps you are not sure how to start, then I really do suggest booking a few sessions with Emma as a catalyst and a support for those first scary steps to a new you. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it, no excuses.