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 What is Online Coaching?

It’s a time effective way of incorporating a year-long body and mind transformation program into your busy life!
There’s no need to attend classes or meetings at times which may not ideally suit you. The coaching is delivered day by day completely online. This means you decide when is the most convenient time of day to check into the daily updates.
Maybe you’ll log in whilst eating breakfast at home, on your train journey into work, during your lunch break, or once the kids have gone to bed. There’s no right or wrong answer – it’s up to you! All you need to do is set aside between 10-30 minutes per day. Maybe you think that even just 10-30 minutes per day would be a struggle for you to set aside – you’re too busy! Maybe this needs to be the first habit you’ll practice – taking time each day for YOU.

The habit-based curriculum focuses on:

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • ​Sleep

  • Stress-management

  • Mindset

  • Overall healthy living

 Who is Online Nutrition Coaching for?

Anyone who wants to make long-lasting change and give up yo-yo dieting for good!
We are constantly bombarded by information regarding food and fitness, sometimes we just need a guide (that’s me!) to help us decide which of that information is relevant and useful to us, and which is unfounded or untrue.
You don’t have to want to lose weight either, although the program will certainly help you achieve that if it’s your goal! You may be happy with your weight but feel you would benefit from some structured help and guidance to improve the food choices you make, to learn how stress may influence your food choices and improve the level of exercise activity you do every week.

 Why habit-based coaching?

If you want long term change then building new habits is the key to your success. Taking a year to build foundation habits and then build upon them with further, more personal habits will lead to success which is sustainable for YOU.

 Why a year? Can’t you just give me a food plan to follow?

Many of the headlines you’ll see in health & fitness magazines grab your attention because they offer a quick fix.
Get a beach body in 4 weeks!
2 weeks to a bikini body!
10 day Little Black Dress diet!
Etc, etc, etc. I get it. In today’s fast moving lifestyle we all want our problems solved NOW! However, to make meaningful, consistent and long lasting change takes time. The plans advertised using the slogans above probably will work. But trust me when I tell you you’d only want to do them for 10 days or 2 weeks! The number of changes to your food and fitness routine will be numerous and pretty drastic. It’s fairly inevitable that once you finish the plan, you’ll revert back to your normal habits and any results you achieved will be reversed. I appreciate that’s not always the case, but in my experience and the experience of my clients, it’s not sustainable.
This is why there are no quick fixes, fad diets or food plans within this program.

 What will I learn?

What you will learn, however, is which foods are right for you, in what portion sizes and how frequently you should be eating them. You’ll also receive coaching on improving your activity levels whether you’re currently at a low level of fitness and need help starting or whether you’re a regular gym-bunny and need some structure and new challenges to your existing routine. (see the FAQ about fitness coaching below for more information).
By the end of the year, you will have created your own “User Manual” which details which options are right for you.
This program will also help you form useful habits which help you manage stress, get a better quality of sleep and taking care of yourself. We often spend a lot of time taking care of others but we need to also prioritise our own wellbeing. Difficult to do, I know. However if you can achieve it, you will be more effective at meeting all of your other commitments such as work, family & friends + looking after children or elderly parents.
You’ll also receive a collection of 15 new recipes every month to give you ideas of the types of meals which represent “healthy eating” on this program. Whilst we don’t cut out any of the food groups in this program, all of the recipes are gluten free and can be adapted for vegetarians.

 Can you tell me more about these Habits?

The idea of forming new habits is nothing new. We create new habits every day without even realising we’re doing it! I bet when you go to do your regular supermarket shopping trip you tend to park in the same area of the car park – am I right?!
What makes this program different from many other “Diet” plans it that is puts those Habits at the centre of the program and therefore the central part of your process of change. They address the everyday challenges we face when we’re endeavouring to make a change. Most “Diet” plans tend to change too many things at once. You suddenly spend twice as long in the supermarket hunting for foods that you’ve never heard of before, let alone bought and eaten!
My Online Coaching Program is different.
In fact for the first 4-5 weeks I won’t even tell you WHAT to eat! Instead we spend valuable time assessing the more important question of WHY you want to achieve this change. We spend time reflecting on WHY you haven’t achieved what you want before. If you’re a serial dieter, we’ll reflect on what may have worked for you in the past and what didn’t.

The first 2 habits we explore are the habits of eating slowly and eating until you’re 80% full.
These are your “foundation habits” that set the tempo for the rest of the course.
I’ll help you to figure out which strategies and smaller habits will help contribute to the main habit we’re working on.

For example with the habit of Eating Slowly: try timing yourself and see how long it takes for you to eat a meal. Are you chewing the first mouthful of food whilst already preparing the next onto your fork? You’ve barely swallowed the first mouthful before popping in the next! Sound familiar? I used to do this all the time! Now I try to put down my cutlery whilst chewing and swallowing my food. Once I’ve finished, I pick up my cutlery and prepare my next mouthful and repeat.

So don’t panic during the Program if you have a PMT blowout on Carbs and scoff an entire loaf of bread with lashings of jam and butter (we’ve all been there)! Honestly, don’t panic! All I ask is that you follow the principles of eating it slowly and eating it until you’re 80% full rather than 100% or 120% feeling stuffed, uncomfortable and maybe cross with yourself for giving in to temptation.
Try it –I bet you’ll find that you eat a lot less than you would have done previously.

 I’m a complete beginner when it comes to exercise – will the fitness coaching be too difficult for me?

No! Part of the information you’ll give me when you start is your current exercise habits. I will tailor the fitness coaching to your current level.
For example, if you don’t currently do any regular exercise, we’ll start with adding some daily activity into your routine. This might be walking more regularly, taking the stairs instead of the lift at work etc. We start small, so you can establish a new habit, then build on it from there – just like the nutrition habits.
You don’t need a gym membership either.
If you have one, great! We’ll tailor your exercises to the equipment available at your gym.
If you don’t, and you don’t want to join a gym, then we’ll tailor your exercises to those which you can do at home.

 I exercise regularly and don’t think I need fitness coaching so how can you help me?

If you already exercise on a regular basis then I’ll ask you to note down an average workout or the types of fitness classes you regularly attend so I can see your current level.
It can be very helpful to have a fresh perspective on your usual workout. Perhaps you’ve reached a plateau and you’re not seeing any continued benefit from your current program? Perhaps when you consider it, you realise you’ve been doing the same routine for a while and would benefit from learning some new exercises or help finding a new challenge to motivate you?
If you are sure that you don’t need any help with your exercise program then I’m not going to force you to follow any fitness coaching! You can focus on the nutrition element and follow your own exercise program as you wish. It’s also no problem if you decide after a while that you would like some help

 I’m not sure if Online Coaching will suit me…can I talk to you first?

Of course! Please complete this form and we’ll arrange to have a chat either on the phone or via Skype. This is a FREE consultation and there’s no obligation to sign up afterwards.
If you think this program may be perfect for a friend or family member, feel free to share these details with them.

 Who is Online Nutrition Coaching NOT for?

Anyone looking for a quick fix!
Anyone requiring special dietary advice for specific medical conditions. Although I cannot give you advice in this situation (only a Registered Dietician can give you this specific information) the general nutrition habits within my Program can be adapted to take into consideration specific advice you’ve been given by a medical professional.
Elite athletes or Body Building competitors are not generally a suitable client for this program. Largely because to be able to compete at that level, you have to already be pretty well organised and committed to your food and fitness plan. You’ll have already established most of the everyday habits to succeed.
Anyone under 18 years old.