How to Naturally Lower Your Stress Levels

How to Naturally Lower Your Stress levels STRESS!!! Its causes are absolutely everywhere. Would you agree? Our natural “fight or flight” stress response can sometimes go a little overboard. It’s supposed to help us escape injury or death in an emergency and then return to normal after we’ve fought or [...]

Why is My Metabolism Slow?

You may feel tired, cold or that you've gained weight. Maybe your digestion seems a bit more “sluggish”. You may be convinced that your metabolism is slow. Why does this happen? Why do metabolic rates slow down? What can slow my metabolism? Metabolism includes all of the biochemical reactions in [...]

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Why Your Waist Circumference Matters 100x More Than What You Weigh

If you're anything like me, or many of my clients, you'll often feel like throwing your scales out of the bathroom window! You may have this weird kind of relationship with your “weight”. I mean, it doesn't define you (obviously). What you weigh can matter but only to a certain [...]

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Why is my Online Nutrition & Fitness Program NOT a quick fix?

Get a beach body in 4 weeks! 2 weeks to a bikini body! 10 day Little Black Dress diet! Many of the headlines you’ll see online and in health & fitness magazines grab your attention because they offer a quick fix. I get it. In today’s fast moving lifestyle we [...]

What’s the best diet/exercise option for me?

When people find out I’m a Nutrition & Fitness Coach they will often ask me, “What’s the best diet/exercise option for me?” The simple answer is….there is no simple answer! It depends on so many things; your goals, your gender, your age, your current eating/exercise habits, your current health etc, [...]

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Should I make a New Year’s resolution?

At this time of year, many of us will be making New Year’s Resolutions and by far the most common will involve some kind of change to our diet or activity levels. For most people, the Christmas and New Year break will have involved eating and drinking more than usual. [...]

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